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2017-02-18 01:09:32
AscensionCraft was built after my favorite server closed down. Always updating and adding in new features every few weeks or when things need to change for the game to stay enjoyable. The server is public and theres no need to pay to keep it up.

If you play on the server and love it, do me a great favor and Diamond it! Enjoy!

Whats offered:

- Grief Prevention to keep anyone from destroying your areas, use of a golden shovel to claim your area.

- McMMO to add more fun to the world, make the most menial tasks even more fun.

- Creeper, Wither, TNT damage turned off to protect your builds.

- Player Points earned through Voting, chests, and more!

- Discord Server to chat with your friends.

- Donation option to donate to Extra-Life donation platform for the Children's Miracle Network.

- MyPets!

- Emerald economy /buy and /sell items! Shulker Boxes added!

- PvP Area to test your skills

- Boss Area & Shards to trade in for Armor, Tools, or Weapons

Build, Win, Ascend!

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